Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods

Sean Reagan, Danny and Linda’s younger son, born circa 2003. He is portrayed by Andrew Terraciano, Tony’s younger brother. The Season 9 finale, “Something Blue”, ends firstly of the wedding Mass with Archbishop Kearns officiating; as Armin stays incarcerated, Frank walks Eddie down the aisle at her request. In the Season 10 premiere, after she and Jamie referred to herself as “Eddie Janko-Reagan” a number of instances, they decided she would stay “Officer Janko” on the job and “Mrs. Reagan” at residence. Upon the couple’s return to responsibility after the marriage, their precinct commander, Captain Espinoza , switched Eddie and Officer Witten to the night shift under Sergeant McNichols to remove Jamie from Eddie’s chain of command. Jamie recommends the switch of six officers from the 12th, including Eddie, to the 29th to replace them.

Nevertheless, there continued to be romantic tension lingering between the 2, which had become far more obvious in “Personal Business” when they each acknowledged to one another how they really feel, leading to a different kiss. Despite this, they agreed to not further act on their feelings since they do not wish to jeopardize their partnership. In the pilot episode, Nicky was portrayed by Marlene Lawston.

She receives a proposal working for newly-promoted Captain Bullman, who used to be her sergeant, but Frank refuses to let her resign. Frank reluctantly tells Abigail later that he found out Bullman primarily needed to rent her to have somebody in his ranks who might pull favors at 1PP. Detective 1st Grade Joseph Conor Reagan, son of Frank and Mary, younger brother of Danny and older brother of Erin and Jamie. Joe was a member of the NYPD Warrants Squad partnered with Detective Sonny Malevsky (Michael T. Weiss). He was killed on May 15, 2009, by Sonny when Joe realized that he was the leader of a corrupt gang of police officers called the Blue Templar. Joe’s protect, number 46808, was retired after his demise in the line of obligation.

Bridget Moynahan: Erin Reagan

Marine Corps Service AwardDetective First Grade Daniel Fitzgerald Reagan is the eldest son of Commissioner Frank Reagan. He is portrayed by New Kids on the Block singer Donnie Wahlberg. In a 2011 episode, Frank was shot by Kevin Brennan , the son of the former head of the Westies whom Frank had arrested again in the ’70s. Frank has an indifferent angle in direction of politics, often taking over the mayor and numerous reporters who misinterpret his actions. He tries exhausting to not judge individuals, and tends to purse his lips together when listening to unhealthy information or the horrific details of an ongoing case.

In “Parenthood”, it is mentioned that he attended Yale University and that he has an illegitimate daughter who doesn’t find out about him, apart from the truth that he is the mayor. In “This Way Out”, he is shot in an assassination try throughout a town corridor meeting by a mentally-challenged teenager who was tricked by a member of the Los Lordes gang operating out of the Bitterman Housing Projects. The shooting leaves the mayor paralyzed from the waist down, confining him to a wheelchair, however does not prevent him from discharging his duties as mayor. In 2017, he resigns as mayor because he’s burned out and feels he isn’t the person to guide town any longer.

Like the rest of her family, Erin is licensed to carry a firearm. Her weapon of alternative is the Glock 19 in 9×19mm and, in accordance with Frank, she’s a better shot than Danny and Jamie. In season eight, it was revealed Erin wanted to affix the police drive like her family, needed to take the examination however it wasn’t for her and selected legislation and turn out to be a prosecutor. In “Working Girls”, Erin is offered the position of Deputy Mayor of Operations by Mayor Poole, however she turns him down. In “Ends and Means”, Erin is promoted from Senior Counsel to Deputy Bureau Chief of the Trial Bureau.

Personal Instruments

There she met Robert McCoy who did not make an impression until later when he confirmed up in her workplace because the defense lawyer for the client she was prosecuting on the time. They began relationship, virtually breaking it off when he was appointed interim District Attorney, as she didn’t like the idea of sleeping with the boss. At that point, she commented she had made it that far with out sleeping with the boss and she wasn’t about to start.

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Paula said the two had a short affair and she or he by no means advised Joe about her being pregnant or his son. Paula visits Frank and divulges the news in an effort to get her son, a younger detective within the firearms unit, assigned to a much less harmful precinct. One of her first jobs was that of a cocktail waitress, which she lied about, telling her dad and mom it was a curler skating rink. She has worked at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office for years, having been promoted to Assistant District Attorney someday in 2008 to early 2009.

Portrayed by Eric B., Mike Gee is a 20+ yr veteran on the police drive who initially retired, however went again to work after his son was identified with an sickness. Introduced as a fellow detective at the 54th, he was promoted to lieutenant and commanding officer of the 54th Precinct Detective Squad by the season 11 episode “Triumph Over Trauma”. He was stationed on the twelfth Precinct, and is partnered with Sgt. Anthony Renzulli in seasons one and two, Officer Vinny Cruz in season three, and Officer Eddie Janko since season four.

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